Nora Fatehi shows you the difference imagination and reality – Watch funny video

Nora Fatehi knows how to tickle your funny bone, and she does it like a pro. The actress-dancer keeps posting hilarious videos on Instagram, and we came across one that shows you the difference between imagination and reality.

In the video, we see Nora pulling off a funny act along with her friend Bahij Kaddoura. Here’s how the story unfolds – Nora wearing a short dress passes by a man in shorts and T-Shirt on the road. Her wallet accidentally drops on the ground, and the man hands it over to her.

Cut to – Nora instantly transforms into a saree clad woman and the man is seen wearing a red Kurta Pyjama. A filmi sequence of the event follows as Nora does all the thumkas and the man follows her after being struck by her beauty.

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